Cancellation & Refund


Cancellation Policy

Our Well Mark Company always remains ready to help and support customers as much as possible. Therefore, we have adopted a liberal and helpful cancellation policy for our customers. According to this policy, we should say

·         We should consider cancellations only, if you make request within just 2-3 days of ordering your product. Nevertheless, if we already start with our shipping process or communicate placed orders from our end, you cannot get your orders cancelled.

·         We never allow for cancellation of our orders placed under the category of Same Day Delivery.

·         Our cancellation policy does not entertain any cancellation made on our offered products, if our customers order them on any of the special occasions, such as Diwali, Pongal, Holi and Dushera. Since all these are limited offers available for occasions, so we cannot allow any cancellation.

·         If you perceive that our offered product is not similar to the one displayed over our site or not up to the mark, you have to bring the same onto the notice of our customer support team within one day of your received products. Hence, by undergoing detailed discussion, we will resolve your complains as soon as possible.

Refund Policy

Whenever you go to buy our offered products or services, we cover your made purchase by our scheme referred as 7-days money return guarantee. However, you have complete dissatisfaction with your made purchase, we will happily entertain complete exchange or refund policy according to the conditions and our eligibilities regarding the entire issue.